Friday, 10 May 2013

The Big Reunion Tour

Double denim, scrunchies and Nike air max trainers are not the only familiar faces making a come back from the nineties in 2013.

If you are a TV junkie like myself, you will know that for the past few weeks the likes of B*witched, Blue, 911, 5ive, Honeyz, Liberty X and Atomic Kitten have reunited after going through dramatic band breakups for our entertainment.

Yesterday, The Big Reunion Tour arrived in Nottingham ( cue screaming female Blue fans), and I was lucky enough to not only attend the concert, but interview some of the band members taking part for the Nottingham Post which will appear in the paper next week.

All seemed very enthusiastic to be back together and on the road again.
(Left): Antony Costa, Vicky Muxlow, Lauren Lee
Lee Ryan, Emily Oakden

Lee Ryan, Blue, joked: "It's a bit like going back to school and reliving the fun years"

Whilst Liz McClarnon, Atomic Kitten, laughed about getting in shape for the tour.

"I haven't even attempted!" she laughed.

Natasha Hamilton added: "I got dressed for the gym this morning and then went... ahh, I'll just have a steam room."

The show itself was a massive blast from the past and a must for anyone with even the slightest love for 90's nostalgia.

The perfect combination of cheese and catchy song lyrics had the whole of the Capital FM Arena on their feet and singing along- for me breathing life into the distant memory that is old school discos from my early teens.
Blue on stage at Capital FM Arena 

Each band performing  a few of their top hits meant that there wasn't the normal lull in the concert when bands often play some of their newer or less known tracks, and the electric continued to buzz around the arena throughout the evening.

Liberty X prove they still have it in their original catsuits 
Particular highlights include 911 break-dancing on stage... there is something strangely enticing about someone old enough to be your dad doing a head spin in front of thousands of screaming women, and Liberty X shocking all when returning on stage after the interval in their original catsuits.

The atmopshere was still resounding as everyone piled out of the venue,and it seemed that even the staff had enjoyed the performance, one security guard even saying "You can make me whole again ladies" as we left.


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