Monday, 15 September 2014

Day One interning at Delicious Magazine

Having arrived in London late last night, I woke up pretty nervous at the idea of having to navigate my way across a busy London.

I left at eight this morning, but first had to pick up some flowers from a posh florist called McQueens to pick up a gift a client from my previous internship had sent me.

I managed to navigate my way to the shop, with the help of Google maps. I was so reliant on that this morning that I am pretty sure if it had told me to get into the Thames and swim I would have done.

I arrived at the florist and picked up my flowers... roses in a terracotta pot. Gorgeous but as you can imagine rather comical and heavy to be carrying half way across London amongst the commuters.

I managed to get to the Delicious office in plenty of time, and so I decided to give my biceps a rest and have a drink in Pret A Manger before having a re read of the latest delicious. magazine.

Everyone in the office was lovely, and I saw stars as soon as I spotted the test kitchen at the back of the office. Heaven!

The morning was predominately made up of researching tasks, I had to write a few short foodie news stories, and call for some press images. I went out exploring during my lunch break, but soon got fed up with the amount of people. Can you tell I'm a Nottingham bird?

As soon as I got back in the office I helped set up a taste test, which does what it says on the tin. I had to taste nine Christmas Cakes, which sounds amazing until you get to cake number four, or an hour down the line and start to get a mild sugar rush.

After work I met up with my friend Laura who had spent the day in London and took advantage of being situated just around the corner from The Shard.

The views were amazing, so I'll leave the photos below to do the talking on that front.

I'm looking forward to seeing what tomorrow has in store, including some Christmas pudding tasting. Maybe I'll boycott the scales for a while when I return.

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