Saturday, 6 September 2014

Music Review: By The Highway by The Gorgeous Chans

Last spring I was given the opportunity to review Nottingham born band The Gorgeous Chans.

I'd listened to their tracks and enjoyed the upbeat melodies- the sort that you'd find me dancing around in a morning to- and I have to say that I was incredibly impressed by the versatility of the band from their slower numbers to encouraging the crowd to dance along with their Vampire Weekend esque quirkiness.

Almost six months on and I was introduced to their latest track, By The Highway.

Like all songs by The Gorgeous Chans, it is a beautiful mixture of cheery upbeat sounds cleverly mixed among perfectly layered harmonies. It is what can only be described as a banquet for the ears and a great late summer feel good track.

With interesting lyrics, talented guitar solos and quirky brass riffs, The Gorgeous Chans' latest single offers a sound you'd struggle to find from any other group.

You can listen to their latest track By The Highway here:

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