Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Other Dog is a Corgi

When I'm on twitter, I never know who to follow and who not to follow: just because you like someone's music or the films they're in doesn't mean the necessarily post anything worthwhile and meaningful and yet still my twitter feed is filled with the mundane 140 characters from footballers I followed after being forced to watch a TV broadcast of a game and the likes of Joey Essex.

One person I do follow who gives me more than one chuckle a day is @Queen_uk. A parody acting as the Queen posts tweets as trivial as "gin O Clock" to those more topical often slating the work of Nick Clegg- you go girl!

Definitely worth a follow!

Vogue's 2012-2013 Trends- Layers

After flicking through copies of the back issues of vogue that have been scattered across my dressing table for the past couple of months, suffocating under the weight of my university folder, and an essential law for journalists book (I know;tragic) I stumbled upon the trends of 2012-13 spread of July this year. It asks why we should "stick to one luxe fabric when a wealth of lavish layers looks so spectacular"... possibly because if it makes the model on the Prada runway look the spitting image of a six year old who has raided her mother's wardrobe, no doubt it will make you look a fool too.  That and the fact I could barely afford to purchase one item of designer clothing, nevermind several layers of them!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Skyfall Review

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bond's screen debut, the 23rd installment of James Bond- Skyfall- hit the big screens late last month. 

Four years since the last Bond movie Quantum of Solace, the film begins by throwing audiences straight into the action which is so classically Bond; an uproarious chase scene in Istanbul combining car, motorbikeand train whilst featuring Bond’s glamorous colleague Eve (Naomie Harris), revving up the film in a pre credit sequence with a calamitous finale showcasing the new Bond theme tune by Adele.

In the seventh appearance of Dame Judi Dench as M spy chief, you begin to see the real tension between Bond and the boss herself.

Described as an “imperious, subtly oedipal intelligence-matriarch” in other reviews on the internet, Judi Dench plays a Bond girl to end all Bond girls- most would die to look that fabulous at 77!

Daniel Craig on the other hand has a more haggard and older look about him; the grey facial hair does nothing for me!

Although portrayed as tiring and older in earlier parts of the film by the end Daniel Craig is oozing with the same sex appeal hehad in his previous appearances as Bond (thank The Lord!)

The film is mostly set in London, England connoting to the classically British feel about it.From the opening in Istanbul to the final siege setin the Scottish Highlands including an appearance from the Aston Martin DB5 which was first seen in Goldfinger, the film reflects on both the modern andclassic directions taken by previous Bond films that have worked so well.

Enjoyable film covering emotional, humorous and thrill platforms it clearly portrays Bond as a hero who won’t be killed off just yet.