Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Animal Cruelty

My Dog, Poppy 
After reading on Sky News online this morning that a dog had been found in Sheffield tortured, burned and tied to a tree, I felt sick.

What heartless people find this animal cruelty entertaining and furthermore, socially acceptable?

Police are appealing for witnesses after the male Staffordshire bull terrier was found on a path off a main road in Sheffield. It is believed that after being severely beaten the dog was tied to a tree and set alight.

A dog owner myself this story disgusted me.

This brutal, barbarous and bloodthirsty attack on an innocent animal makes you wonder what goes through people's minds to drive them to commit such an offence. Revenge? What could an innocent dog have done to deserve this treatment.

I only hope that whoever is responsible for what can only be described as a savage offence is brought to justice and given what they deserve for taking a defenseless life in such a sickening way.

For me the conscience of what has been done would be enough to drive me to insanity although, for the killer who has committed this offence it is merely more than a gruesome joke. 

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